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the club station HB9CA

A group of 12 hams founded the "Letzi-DX-Group HB9CA " in 1977. We found an old farmer house at a nice place with a perfect view and outstanding DX-conditions. After two years of work, we had our shack and the antenna farm.


At the moment, we are working with these antennas:
  •  160m:     full size dipol (homemade)
  •    80m:     pyramid antenna (homemade)
  •  40/30m:  4 el. dualband yagi (Optibeam)
  •    20m:     6 el. monoband yagi (Telrex)
  •  12/17m:  4 el. dualband yagi (Optibeam)
  •    15m:     5 el. monoband yagi (HyGain)
  •    10m:     5 el. monoband yagi (HyGain)
  •     6m:      7 el. yagi (M2)
  •  6/10/12/15/17/20 m: 2 el. SteppIR

During the winter months, we install

  • vertical antennas for 80m (homemade) and 160m (Momobeam)
  • 8 beverage receiving antennas (homemade)
  • 160m RX-Array 8 elements (Hi-Z)

















The equipment in the shack is a K3s from Elecraft and a PA 1 kW.


 During contests, we work in the M2-category with another K3 and a second PA.




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