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my ham radio activities


I got the virus when I was 12 years old, reading the novel „SOS at midnight". I soon became a SWL with the call HE9HXM.

At the age of 17 years, I made the first licence test (without code), allowing me to operate on VHF. I never had a callsign, instead I kept on learning the code.

Half a year later, I tried the code test - and failed. It was neither the first nor the last test I failed, but probably the one that hurted most!

1975, when I was 18 years old, I finally passed the CW-test and got the call HB9BGV. I also became a member of the Letzi-DX-Group (HB9CA) and we converted an old farmer house into a shack. The next years were packed with my studies, so I barely found time to work on the bands.

It was about 1990, I just had my first computer log, when I decided to become a serious DXer. I made it into the Honor Roll in 1997 and in 2005 I finally made it to the top of the Honor Roll (Mixed and Phone, still two entities missing in CW for the top: Bouvet and - what else - North Corea).

Now I work for the ARRL challenge program (got more zhan 3000 bandpoints now), the last missing WAZ-award (6m WAZ, just one more zone missing) and I am chasing IOTA's. Furthermore, I also started some years ago with the digimodes, mainly RTTY and FT8 (I need two more to be in the Honor Roll digi).
Here you find a list of the awards I achieved .

You find me on the air in the pile ups and also during major contests as operator of HB9CA.

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